Notre Dame at Sunrise

Are you noticing a pattern? One tip I gleaned from my research pre-trip was to get out of the hotel when the baby woke. This meant lots of early mornings beating all the tourists. I was glad we did this so we could see Notre Dame without millions of people there.


We began our morning with the Historic Paris walk. Particularly interesting was the section on the Notre Dame facade. I love traveling with a book so that I can really get all the details when I am standing in front of the building on MY TIME. I hate guided tours and audio tours, but that's just me. Usually I read the book out loud to Alex, but that didn't work so well with the baby. So instead we both read the tour before we left the hotel and merely absorbed the sight when we were there. We finished the tour at Pont Neuf which had all the locks from lovers on it who then threw the key into the Seine. It was quite romantic.


We then circled back around to see Notre Dame's interior. Lorenzo decided this would be an excellent time to wail and wail he did. We walked a few laps around, thinking he would fall asleep and we could continue to enjoy the church interior. He did not. He wailed louder and louder. After the third lap, we gave up and started to walk to our own church. I carried the pack for a little bit. We also stopped and got some excellent pastries, including an almond croissant with cream. Probably the best pastry I had while we were there. When we got to church, Alex attempted to put him to sleep again and still his screaming got louder. Eventually, we gave up and headed home. Alex and Lorenzo took marathon naps. I had trouble sleeping. When it finally came time to leave the hotel again, I was GRUMPY. Beyond grumpy. Alex said we were going to a park instead of trying to see a sight.


We decided on the Tuleries because it was the closest. Lorenzo really enjoyed it there. He crawled all around, charmed tourists, practiced walking, and I attempted to recover from my bad attitude. Finally, I turned a corner and we were able to continue. We attempted to go down to the Catacombs, but were met with a two hour wait. We grabbed dinner at a nearby restaurant to see if the line would die down. The food was so-so, but the crepe I had for dessert was excellent. We waited for a while and then decided that two hours was too long for a half-hour sight and popped out of line to finish our Historic Paris walk.


We decided to go back to Notre Dame area and hit the sights that were closed. First was Sainte-Chapelle. Stained glass on stained glass! We encountered one lady who was grumpy about the stroller in Sainte-Chapelle, but then she was kind after I folded it up. The floor is original, so I can understand that rule. I don't have problems with rules that make sense. I have problems with rules that don't make any sense!


We continued to wander and attempted to climb Notre Dame, but it was closed. We decided to walk home instead of take the Metro and it was the MOST gorgeous walk. The sun was setting on the Seine and the Louvre pyramid was lit up by the sunset. Probably my favorite parts of this trip were our walks home by the Louvre.