Why Paris

I love learning about why people go on trips. Is it for an anniversary? For fun? Did you get a raise or a promotion? Feeling tired of your life? A reward for something? What spurs people to travel?

In this case, I wanted a reward for completing the first year of motherhood and breastfeeding for a year. I was adding bits of my old life pre-motherhood in bit by bit. The last element that needed to be added was travel. I had also just gotten a new job. Throw in Lorenzo's first birthday and our fifth anniversary and it was time to celebrate! 


I looked for deals for the whole months of September and October which are my favorite times to travel. It's still warm but there aren't a billion tourists everywhere. 

Little did I know that we would buy our first house before the trip came around! I actually contemplated canceling it because the house buying process was so stressful and expensive. But I am glad I didn't because time away from the house was exactly what we needed. 

We decided on Paris because I had planned a few trips there and was dying to go. I figured it would be a good place to take Lorenzo because it's known for being family friendly and there are lots of parks. We signed up for a fancy credit card and cashed in the points for the hotel. I decided on staying in a super central hotel over an Airbnb this time because our credit card had deals with hotels. I cared less about being in a realistic Parisian neighborhood and more about being close to everything so we could come back if the baby fell apart. So far the only annoyance was that we don't have a refrigerator! Having a 24 hour concierge is super nice however. 

IMG_0404 2.JPG

I planned us a detailed itinerary giving scheduled breaks for naps and wiggle time between activities. We brought our stroller and our baby backpack and I researched each place to decide which will be better for each attraction. I probably prepared what we brought for a good two weeks to make sure we would use every item. We managed to pay no extra luggage fees which I was proud of.

We packed SUPER light. I only packed 5 shirts so we intend to do wash once during our 10 days. I rented warm clothes for myself because I have no use for them in LA. I wish I packed warmer clothes for the baby but we don't really have them and I intend on buying them in Paris. I brought a million snacks to entertain him on the flight. I also bought a bunch of toys at the dollar store and wrapped them each in crepe paper to provide maximum entertainment per toy. Also we can just toss them when we are done. I gave the baby Tylenol which didn't work super well. He wanted to wiggle for the whole fight. He didn't scream for more than a few minutes at a time though so I consider the flight


The flight there went OK... the baby was teething. He sprouted three new molars that I found a few hours after we touched down. He didn't have any huge meltdowns, but he didn't sleep the whole flight and it was a red-eye!